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Friday, December 19, 2008

To you

Dear World,

Good Evening

How are you all?

A few days back I read some article in the paper by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, here I would like you all to read a few lines from here-
At this Juncture of time we need millions of transformed minds who can fill the world with joy and roses of consciousness. With the light of awareness, with the music of soul. Because only then can we prevent the politicians from destroying our world. Perhaps you may not have noted but destruction also gives one a certain power . Just as creation gives tremenduous well-being and dignity.
The article, however went a few more lines I noticed at once how Politics and terror are ruining our lives on the parallel lines; how plainly they use the word 'Religion' to their comfort.
Both are destructive and we have seen it all both ways in the form of Terror attacks and Communal riots. Both ways we are losing, comman man is losing and will continue to lose until we stop taking everything for granted.
Stand Up. Let us make an effort to make India a better place to live in These are Testing times............
I would like to end with a lines said by the veteran artist Sahil Ludhianvi Sahib:

वतन की शान्ति खतरे में हैं , होशियार हो जाओ
हमारे इन्तेहां का वक्त हैं, तैयार हो जाओ ........

जय हिंद !!!!!!!!

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