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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Heart of Darkness

Dear All,
It is being more days of no post than I expected but I am back now. While I was in Nasik, the ten days outside Delhi cut-off from day to day monotonuous life, with no connection to the wired world- no TV, net or phone, I came back all refreshing. But I just could not forget the tragedy of Mumbai
Now that so many days have passed after the unfortunate Mumbai's tryst with terror, I am trying to look ahead.......
Life afterall is never easy, just when we begin to think it is in our control, it takes the reins from our hands, ultimately suprising or many a times shocking us when we least expect it.
At this point of time my heart is full of agony, disbelief, anger, trauma and fear.........fear about what to expect now? How far we can go from here? Thinking about this all I felt frustrated, scared and helpless.
Before moving on, I want to ask myself and you all why are we blaming outsiders , why not us?Aren't we the ones who choose the handicapped governments repeatedly.
See the attacks are new to India but it is just that it has affected all and sundry that terrorism as an issue has seen the daylight or say limelight.
I am glad that we have finally been woken up and I pray lets not go to slumbur again. I am glad thatthis time we all stand united
Irrespective of what our politicians ( I restrict myself from using 'leaders' to describe them because they are not leading us anywhere) tried to make out of this tragedy: playing blame games not at once thinking about what the country is going through.
My heartiest disrespect to VS Achuthanandan, Sharmila Thackeray and Iwant to ask MA Naqui, sir don't the women in your party wear lipsticks? Isn't India your country? or are you all Chinese?
The ones who died were neither your Kin and Kith nor they were mine but I and we all Indians except you can realize the pains of bereaved families because we have our minds and heart at the right placeswith humanitarian emotions and you seem to be heartless because you have made money out of the coffins for our martyr soldiers, aids for people affected by calamities......
But NSG, army, police, fire brigade needs to be applauded with the joint effort they have put up with more or less resources they had.
Here I also want to assert that there is a saying that fortune favours the brave, here in our country the politicians never seemed to favour our braveheart soldiers, how will fortune favour the country they are running 'supposedly'.
To be continued......

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  1. wow..anger re-incarnated!! its very inspirational and full of patriotic fervor!!