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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing LUCK

Dear all,
Good Evening,
As i write this, the New Zealand and Australia have already welcomed New Year into their lives. And here i am sitting in my balcony taking cue or say the feel of chilly winter breeze of Dilli ki Sardi.
While many of you will be busy partying to celebrate the coming of 2009, I would like to take note of the year gone by - Good, Bad and Ugly.........

Here I donot want to write anything about what "Bad n Ugly" took place, happened or occured;
Infact I am trying to celebrate the beautiful memorable moments that 2008 has given us all to remember in times to go...
So that I could bid farewell to 2008 with my misty eyes....
We won the Gold and the Bronze,
We send the message to the moon,
that we are coming to you,
We showed the world our spirit to fight,
be it Aussies or the fidayeen,
We Salute our Guards who are,
We pray to GoD to bless the holy souls,
who lost their lives in floods and terror,
and as we usher in 2009,
I pray for the world to be a
"beautiful Pad"
I want the birds to chirp and fly,
I ask to GOD to bless th e one,
who wishes everyone to be a
"happy Soul"
as I resolute to make everyone,
All Smile........
Wishing you all a very
Wish you all the LUCK.
Bye for now,

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