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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bar-ed Pubs

Last month as the world cheered change in the form of Obama as he wrote history for being the first black President of US and we also celebrated 60th Republic day. I suspect if we the women could ever be able to celebrate our Gender- every now and then we are attacked for our sensibilities, orientations and approach towards life, not just by strangers but also from our own fathers, brothers and husbands. The way women empowerment is being talked about these days with veiled eyes I feel scared. Not all but a few amongst us are reaching glass ceilings.
The condition at lower level is still same. Why are women always held accountable for crossing the lines, walking against so called Indian Culture? Can't we have our own lives?

What happened in Mangalore was very shameful and disgraceful. The self-appointed custodians or say hooligans who attacked the pub should be tried at the hands of law. But what can be more fearful and squalid is that even today most crimes commited against women are not punishable; even the accused cannot be arrested. In this 21st century feminsm where is the freedom, we are still struggling hard to come to terms with our gender-bias. We have to follow a certain code of conduct, why is it so?

What I throughly believe is that in the pre-independence era our grand-mothers used to enjoy much liberty than us in this intolerant day and age ( my grand-father tells me how unheared these crimes against women during his time were, where ever they lived, women or their gender were never degraced in times) so what has happened now? Much before that, the heavenly world that exists in most of our mythology where Indra is the king, Rambha, beautiful dancer in his court, are always shown enjoying Madira. Today, it would be wrong to say that 'pub culture' is against Indian Ethos. Infact, a research has proved that alcohol was very much part of our culture in ancient times. The Ethos we follow have come from our ancestors and they are changed from time to time as they come in contact with different cultures and histories- shaped and reshaped. Traditions are defined by people and get modified from time to time. It is all a matter of personal choice.

Shri Ram Sene Founder said, 'Women have to be protected as the law has failed. Parents are worried about their wards going astray........................ there is no need to raise hue and cry about the incident'. Why not, Mr Muthalik?

Are not you justifying that you wanted to protect so beating up women is the part of our culture?
Every time women ventures out in male bastions, why you always raise voices, why are men allowed in pubs, clubs and bars?
why did n't you offered jobs to bar-girls who go to bars to make money out of complusion?

I really do not think if you have ever went into the interiors of our country, into the villages because if you had been then you should be able to see how women (with choice) in villages drink and enjoy hookahs and other .
If you in real sense wanted to protect and preserve, take hold of man who beat up their wives, forces them to do things against their wishes.

'The state would take some tough decisions to stop the culture of boys and girls going hand in hand to pubs and malls for drinking', said Ashok Ghelot, CM Rajasthan.

Mr CM, there are more bigger problems our nation is facing today which you people need to take care of and young people having fun is not on that list. Stop this CRASS, be sensible. we don't expect our netas to be like this. Doesn't the young politicians in Congress and other parties go partying?

Please be realistic. and

Dear Ladies,
It is more worthwhile to question, express opinions and voices than to live 'DEPRIVED' life.

Here are few lines on beautiful Indian woman:

when she is born,
you become gloomy.

when she goes to work,
you fret and fume.

when she is at home,
you call her burden.

when she marries,
you burn her for dowry.

Have you ever thought,
what life would be without her?

No hand to wipe a tear,
No one to dispel fear.

whose songs would soothe in sorrows,
and help to venture into tomorrow.

I donot want to live in the society where I have to always ask "why should boys have all the fun?"
Infact I would love to say, "Its also a Girl's world."

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  1. Such crimes in the name of moral policing is just a creation of Sick minds wich unfortunately r ruling the roost today....