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Monday, February 2, 2009

Barking Against the Dog

The times we are living in are quite deceptive. I hope most of you will agree me. After garnering huge success around the world, as 'Slumdog Millionaire' released in our country, I am very much aware of the hope, optimism and positivity generated by the movie.
While many of us loved the movie ( for its high-power slum drama) there are still some beating the drums against the faithful dog. I dont know why are the ones sitting on the 'hot-seat' claiming that Danny Boyale has sold the "Indian Indigence" very clevery to his western auidence.These people may have their objections, thank God we live in a democratic country.

What I want to stress here is that the negative reactions to the movie actually manifest that our 'acceptance level' is very low. I am not in anyway trying to preach anyone here. As an economy, even in these recession times, we are growing by leaps and bounds, at the same time, it is equally alarming how our youngsters are losing their jobs and what happened to Satyam is all well-known.

The way we are soft on terror, we are terribly intolerant as a society as well as ignorant about our surroundings.

65% of the total population of our country is with-in the age group of 18-35, most of the people, including me, live in posh colonies in cosmopolitan cities without realising that many in this country still goes to sleep on empty stomachs with no shelter on their heads. Think of how ascertained the ones who are born with silver spoons in their mouths, who may not have seen cows on roads, just the way we saw, who never played in mud and how astonishingly they may be watching the less-fortunate street kids when their laxury cars were flocked by these so-called dirty kids on the red lights.

I really don't know about others but nor am I ignorant about such appalling conditions that unfortunately exists in the interiors of our towns, cities, villages and country, Neither do I want my children who are not yet born to be uninformed.

Why do we have the tendency to hide? Hide-ing the abject poverty and hopelessness that the movie has beautifully explored.
A saying goes that 'a person, his character and personality is known by how well he behaves with those below him in rank, status and class. So when a movie is made about the lady who comes to clean your home and dishes, the boy who cleans the windows of your luxurious car; how they make efforts to realise their dreams and aspirations that may not be big?
and not about you- the star in their own eyes that makes you start fretting. I pity you.

If you really accept who we are, where we come from Let us atleast make an effort to do something for those less-fortunate than us.

This clearly proves how the social fabric of our country is getting weakened day by day and at the same time I was relieved to hear in one of the interviews given by the child artist who worked in the movie, how his perspective about the slum-kids changed after he lived that life himself even if it is just for reel. On being asked what he learned by working in the movie, he said, "Earlier when the slum-kids used to flok my car at the traffic jams, i used to shut the windows but after being part of the movie I now keep packs of buscuits in the car so as to give them to those kids and no more shut the windows".

This is our future generation. I believe none of us would want troubled times ahead for them like the way we are facing now.
When our kids will not know that such areas exists in our world, time is not far when their brain will drain that will not allow them to take up community services much needed even today for social-conditioning.

Inturn, how will our country rise to become the super-power (the dream we have been nuturing for a long long time); how will we atttain this dream when these less-fortunate people will not progress on the same platter as us? This will not be possible unless we see their realities with open eyes and ear.

We all talk about the role of media and cinema; how they can influence our thought-process? But have we ever wonder why our movies fails to promote reality with the exception of few?

Let me put forward here a statement given by renowed director to some newspaper, he said "What we show our viewers is a complete sham. Even a jobless man finding it difficult to make ends meet is just too well-dressed in our movies".This clearly estimates how far are our movies from the reality, grossed in their own fantasy land.

At last I would like to end it here on the note why do we take everything for pleasure, why not treasure?

To be Continued........

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  1. Ya bt still its not so easy 4 us to c our country dis in light....