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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let there be LIGHT

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Ok, I accept that this day is dedicated to women from all walks of life. Every here and there is the list of women who shook things up to make way for themselves and the realization of their dreams….no problem at all. At least a few are inspired after reading these stories.
But, before celebrating the emancipation of womanhood, there are lots of things that need to be settled first. My heart aches every time I hear about female infanticide; every time a woman is forced to abandon her infant (either an illegitimate child or the girl-child). At the same time, tears rolls down my eyes when people come forward to adopt these babies or hospital staff who tender those infants.
Now what my concern is that why do we need to reserve a day to pay respect to the women who matter in our lives- direct or indirect. How far this celebration will take us when for a day you grant every wish of your mothers, daughters, sisters, wife and your female colleagues in the office and the next day, you (men) are the same old authority in homes and offices.
When will we be able to list women who are every day forced to desert their dreams, aspirations, ambitions and goals so as to accommodate their families, those women who are beaten by men- known and strangers as well, those killed for dowry, in fact we all are surrounded by such women and their tales of submission and pain, still we don’t do anything about it. Such a list cannot be made because the entries would be infinite.
But, why am I blaming men only? Most of the times, we women are ourselves to be blamed……….thank God I am born in 21st century where at least- the attitude towards women has transformed marginally; people are a lot more tolerant. Yet, we fear shedding the excess baggage tied with our image. We never allow ourselves to priorities our own desires, objectives and aims.
Why do we forget that the independence we got is as much the heroic effort of Ranilaxami Bai, Sarojini Naidu, Chand Bibi and others as that of Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh and others? In this age, when opportunities are vast and varied, ironically, the crimes against women are growing at an alarming rate worldwide.
If we take up our causes in any way, we are tagged as feminists. When renowned bollywood actor Priety Zinta stands for her causes and beliefs, she is labeled as MAN. I am glad that she challenged the notion and said, “Don’t call me man. I am a woman and I am equally happy to be one.” We need more such women who unabashedly, blatant and forthrightly assert their choices no matter who is opposing you.
International Women’s Day will remain just a phrase until the lives of those to whom this day is dedicated will not be adored and cared for. Previous to participating in such celebrations we need t o answer the few questions…..
Many times, I have come across situations when home-makers are compared with the working women. This restrictive attitude is causing rifts in families where both kinds of women co-exist. Most of the times, the home-maker is under valued in comparison to the working-class women. Being a home-maker is an equally important job and the only difference is that it is done selflessly without expecting anything in return, but a little gestures of love and care that we often take for granted.
Is bravery only the virtue of Man? What late Kalpana Chawala and Sunita Williams did cannot be forgotten, still there are many men who discourage their daughters to dream, and in fact the worse is their mothers are not far behind in demoralizing their daughters.
Why do we dissuade our daughters against falling in love and getting married to the boys of their own choice; while on the other hand we happily welcome our daughter-in-laws our sons fallen in love with? Aren’t daughters equally entitled to express their choices and affirm their beliefs?
I want to ask those who kill their daughters in the name of honor of preserving their family don’t you worship lord Krishna who epitomizes love and tranquility in all its forms?
Why is there hue and cry when after getting married; the girl decides to keep their paternal surnames? We have every right to present and express our identities the way we want and it should be respected at all cost.
Why are women forced to keep in their failed marriages for the sake of the children while the men can walk over it anytime?
Why many amongst us turn our eyes against single- mothers who are making every effort to bring up their children, Why not we indict men who desert them?
Even I love my mother like other daughters but I do not want to be like her. I want to chase my DREAMS……….I am already on the track….as I wrap now few lines come to my mind:
Once I was the GIRL,
Who love to dance to the songs of the rain-drops?
Who talk to the moon and the stars?
Who asked mamma to go to shop?
Who played with the doll?
Who dreamed to be on the top?
But now I am not the same girl;
I am the woman now,
Who now understands the meaning?
Of my mamma’s tears, when,
I was child;
Who hopes the world to be a better place?
Before my angel is born;
So that she doesn’t need,
To sacrifice her life in,
The name of ‘pride’.


  1. Wow, That's why Its only women who have got the Right to give birth and nurture the life.. In true meaning the Women is Whole Circle (O) around men.. Duran..

  2. "Honour Killings".. I don't understand how can anybody b so cruel..if 1 is a human especially..

  3. Very clearly, its only a Woman who's patient, tolerant, persistant, loving, brave and caring. It gives men a hard competition to see the side of a woman who's leading in every field of life - corporate including.

    Cheers Girl.. I understand all your feelings and reasons behind this post and I tell ya, you have a long way ahead.

    Good luck :-* love you.