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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


“Some things in life require great deal of thought.” I read this line in one of the weekly column Anushka Shankar writes. The caption of the article she gave was more eye- catching- EXPRESS YOURSELF.
As soon as I read these two words I took fancy to them and voila- I immediately got rid of my writer’s block…………….Thank you Anushka.
Your words came to my rescue when I was unable to transfer my thoughts on the piece of paper.(Even in the day and age of virtual world I prefer to write because this seems to be the only activity we invest in even in times when we have keyboards to our command because it actually detaches me from the ‘mean-machine mercantile’ world.
Now back to expressing…………………………
A lot have been happening in the world but more than good the bad or in some cases worst is taking place- innocent people are losing their lives. I mean it feels as if people willfully don’t carry their souls these days…
Thank God I faced writer’s block during the times when half of Indians didn’t went to cast their votes, when IPL was all about who waved to whom with plastic smiles and who can forget the mystery blogger, when we got the new government with the same old-wise Prime Minister………..and more such things. At least, I saved my energies against assuming and hoping something that would have never benefitted me directly.
Look at how unfocussed our lives have gone these days and recession is making it worse and in the process, we are neglecting the most important area of our lives- relationships and most vitally our relationship with self and this way we are prone to succumb to situations that confront us.
Saint Kabir has said that ‘we cannot change circumstances to our liking….things follow their own course of action. Some of them maybe complimentary or otherwise.’
What I believe is that life is ever –changing and that’s the beauty of it. I am sure we all have our own thesis on LIFE...
I wonder how we love to advice people on the problems occurring in their lives and when the same troubles falls upon us, we start complaining. We tend to believe that experience teaches us a lot but what happens when we consciously avoid falling in particular situations…
Most of the times we think about our future and crib about our past and in the process overlook the present. Many a times even I fail to fulfill this promise to myself. Don’t know where these random thoughts are coming from ……but that’s how I think creativity flows.
Life is an opportunity, Make most of it. We are repeatedly told this but then they also say opportunity knocks once or twice not thrice… what’s next …Do you think only two knocks on the door called life fulfill all our wishes and how do we recognize on which knock to open the door?
I think the key lies in being aware which can only be achieved by thinking Positive………..believe me it actually helps to see things as right and wrong to gain absolute clarity but remember you have to be really HONEST and see how everything will fall into place.
Shed your inhibitions and get ready to experience life and see how it takes you to surprises and sometimes sorrows but be sure that you are there on right time.
So why worry yourself sick?
We all have our lists of do’s and don’ts in life to be successful. At the same time, we have our own definitions for success. Mine may be different from YOU. But that’s how we are programmed to do things in different manners and this is what makes us ‘UNIQUE’.
Actually, we are programmed to do things that are acceptable in our society- and it’s always that we don’t comply to most of the things- personal, professional and societal.
This destroys our natural mechanism to take risks to be the creator and nurturer of our own lives (we resists ourselves from realizing our true potential).
Remember the only thing that can change you for better is only YOU.
Bhagvat Gita has a verse that says “Nothing happens to us by chance, something shall happen to us only if we deserve it.”
My mantra is ‘Gaze into the valley of fears, Think positive, Keep your intellect safe, Forgive and forget, don’t assume, don’t expect and CELEBRATE LIFE………………….BECAUSE


  1. Hi Yogita:

    I love your header graphic. I wish you the best in your writing endeavors.

    It's always good to think positive because whatever you think, you will become.


  2. Really relaxing thoughts...v tak lif too seriously dat v 4get he only mantra2 b happy is 2 b happy..

  3. An awakening post :)

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