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Monday, August 2, 2010

Need of HOUR

The times we are living in are deceptive. Some things in life require a great deal of thought and it would not be wrong to say that environment is one issue that requires much of our attention. The rise in the level of sea- water, the melting of glaciers in Himalayas, gradual increase in earth’s surface temperature or global warming, the diminishing species of flora and fauna, arctic shrinkage and altered patterns of agriculture and the things alike is alarming. There are countless environmental problems that are plaguing the world today.
The world population has been booming on a high scale in the last few decades. The basic needs for food, shelter and clothing clubbed with the newly found needs to be a world citizen is giving rise to depleting of natural resources in one form or the other. The once lush green forests are no where to be seen as we are constantly drawing concrete jungles to satisfy the needs of over-growing population.
As the globalization paves its way in our day- to- day lives making us tech-savvy, at the same time, we as a human- being are becoming insensitive towards the needs of our mother planet EARTH. This is an age of instant gratification. It has become our habit to take things for granted. Have you ever thought where the smell of wet-mud has, most of us used to love, gone? Have you ever noticed when we drive towards our country-sides, why do we only see vast brazen lands with no trees? Why there is so less rain in recent times? Why is there so less water or say impure water to drink? The answer many of us would come up will be a prompt No. Because we are not at all concerned when it comes to such an essential dialogues with self. The reason is as long as our thirsts are quenched, why we will make an effort to go to a well?
At this point I am reminded of a report I saw on TV where an environmentalist was telling how impure the water of our Ganges has gone. It is so contaminated that it is even harmful for bathing, leave alone drinking it. We have had enough debates about such problems and we are aware of their causes. The need of the hour is what we are doing in an effort to stop them from surmounting over living- beings that are in fact causing them.
To conclude, it would be right to say that a well- thought of action plan is needed on a big scale before we run out of time. If not for our own selves, let us all think of our future generations who will inhabit this beautiful planet. All is still not lost; we just need to be inclusive with our efforts.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Terrorism and Masses

The fear and agony that comes to the mind as soon as we hear the word terrorism or terror attack is what every man is aware of. A year has gone by since the unfortunate Mumbai’s tragic tryst with terror the way it affected all and Sundry that terrorism as an issue to be tackled sincerely saw the daylight. It was for the first time that our so- called influential five- star class came face- to -face with the perils of losing life in such a disastrous way; the utter truth that was once only faced by common people travelling in trains, buses and for not being prosperous enough to shop in up market security-proofed malls.

Ironically, the ease and abruptness with which our political parties vent out their anger while they engage in blame games only emphasize that there is no “Political Will” towards solving this menace from the root , although, it looks as if our leaders takes this as an opportunity to ride high on vote- bank politics in their pursuit of national ambitions. At the same time, these incidents clearly precedent how dysfunctional our system is – be it ‘Policing, Intelligence or Legality’.

Never the less, the only one losing this battle on both the sides is the Common Man. As a society, we do our bits by creating social platforms on networking sites, discussion panels on news channels or by organizing candle-light marches in the memory of the departed souls and things alike but unfortunately we forget about the “kith and kin” of those who lost their lives; or who fortunately got saved but for the rest of their lives they have to live with the ruined souls and who can forget the bereaved families of soldiers, firemen and policemen with the less available resources who fight their lives out to save the strangers.

Sadly, the way the local Muslims are tortured so as to prove their linkage with the terror- attack as an aid to the terrorist is the other side of the same coin. This in turn questions their patriotic loyalty making them prone to identity-crisis and in a way giving rise to threat towards internal security of the nation. The Naxalities and the similar terror outfits are the outcome of this policy and it is high time that we question the people who misuse power and stop taking everything for granted “For no reform can be thrust upon the debris of the nation, debris left behind by democracy through mismanagement.”