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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What defines our identity -name or personality?

Read my views regarding the re-christening (Damini, Amanat, Nirbhaya) of the 23-year old student by the media . . . whats-in-a-name

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The society at CROSSROADS

While protesters in Delhi demand death penalty for all the six accused for the atrocious rape of a girl, an ordinary man constable with Delhi Police succumbed to the injuries. We all know what he was doing –he was on duty to allow people who stage a protest calmly.

 One of my dear friends, who were also part of the crowd that was protesting at the India Gate, told me that “few people in the crowd were man-handling, screaming and weren’t even ready to listen to the policemen.

What was the fault of the constable who was deployed to prevent any kind of outrage to break out in the city in the wake of recent events? No fault of his but let’s allow Delhi Police to probe into this.
And we see where does all this leave our society on a whole? On the edge . . . the periphery where our society stands at crossroads.

While the Delhi CM and Delhi Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna enumerate steps to be taken by women to protect themselves on streets, as always many others are seen telling the women how they shall behave?

Aren’t they trying to say that men will be men; you (woman) better safeguard yourself.

We all know the reasons. What is to be noticed is that it took this incident to galvanise a whole lot of people. And it’s high time we don’t let it precipitate that the momentum is lost.

Does anyone remember ‘Gopal kandha’ now? We can only hope that this incident of gruesome rape doesn’t become another played up tragedy that loses its fervour when other ‘important’ news or events hit the headlines.

Lock up the self-pity and let’s demand CHANGE. And that just doesn’t mean demanding death penalty for all the six accused who thought they would easily get away.

This is no time for reactions but for ACTION.

We gave power to the netas who in turn control the police. The netas who hold the reins of power in such a way the society condone their treacherous acts every now and then.

As a society when we consciously decide to overlook the matters every time a politician rapes, kidnaps, or murders; we unconsciously invite trouble. Trouble from lumpen (displaced people cut off from the socioeconomic class) that could have fared better, had the political class done their work right.

This is the patent misuse of power by our politicians that we just don’t pay heed to and overlook that we ultimately pay the price for. 

This is against which lies our real fight.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Letter to the Mothers of Tomorrow

Dear Ladies,

First thing first, it is more worthwhile to question and express opinions than to live a 'DEPRIVED' life.

This writing piece will neither become an effort to glorify the painful trauma ‘she’ went through that ill-fated night nor will it become the memoir of what should be done to prevent crimes against women.

More than laws, it is the laws at homes that need to be reproved and re-framed - the laws at our homes that gives birth to the sick ‘male-psychology’.   

While Delhi went to sleep last Sunday night, two unlucky mortals got it all wrong. The devastating tale was written once again when a girl who had the faith in her fellow-beings was brought to malice – to suffer at the hands of men.

Now if you ask me why I wrote mortals, I would tell you that “Humans are individuals – the earthly souls while mortals can be categorized into good or bad”. This is my own perception.

Being a Delhite (born and brought up Delhi), I always find an easy access to best of facilities and infrastructures anywhere in the world. Even then I ain’t at all proud of this city. I never believe I belong to it – this place called Delhi is so unlike me, you, and many of us. 

Have a coffee and ask your soul to come out of hibernation. I thoroughly believe after reading this your soul will agree with me. 

Be it Delhi, Gwalior or Bangalore - Mankind is brought to big shame every now and then.
I don’t know to what extent it affects any of us. But do we really care. 

Yes we do a care a lot. I’ll tell you how. As soon as news pieces carrying such horrendous crimes flash on our television screens or appear as news headlines, we make it a point to call our daughters and wives and ask them to reach home before the clock strikes nine. 

What do you think guides our society to rail against rape?

To tell the truth, it is neither because it cares for nor out of a concern for the victim. It is the contemptible belief that “the body of a woman is the repository of family honour. This is what that the society seeks to safeguard rather than protecting the individual woman – the victim of men’s feral hunger.

Alas! As mortals we are unaffected, unreceptive, and many a times we push the veil over our eyes to consciously deprive them to see the reality.

Whose fault is it at the most?
Ours- The Woman!

I often wonder what guides us to become severely impervious.  What is it that makes us so timid that we surrender to the forces of power, spite, and control?
I used the word control here because women give men that power to make decisions on their part, to control their freewill. 

 I assert that now mankind is a utopian concept, neither are there any MAN nor are they KIND. Kind enough to take notice the alarming effects of century-old patriarchy. 

Yeah, you read it right, PATRIARCHY.

And NO, I am not a feminist who has ventured out to bring men folks to fair dealing. 

I’m not against anyone. I’m against this double-faced society that we live in.

So, (with the exception of few) the girls and women of today, we’ve done all this till now (let the fathers decide our destiny).

Even if it involves revolting against your parents, Kudos to you if stand firmly against the society that teaches how girls should behave. If you haven’t, you must have been told how to dress, where we should go and blah blah, blah.

Well, you will be a mother too tomorrow. The onus fells upon you to teach your male-child that girls- even their sisters aren’t lesser mortals. They deserve same respect, command, and authority. 

It is only when the mothers will treat their daughters equal and teach the boys to respect their sisters that a man (after he grows-up) will learn to respect his daughter, wife and the entire women folk in larger scheme of things.


A girl who wishes to live a fairly joyous life in a place where I face NO THREAT from my own countrymen

P.S. Read Marge Piercy’s famous poem to understand what is RAPE?