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Friday, February 20, 2015


When I was a teenager, I was more inclined towards reading than writing. During those days, writing was limited to scribbling a random thought on a piece of paper or answering the question paper. It was when I went past the school gate ad ventured into the college life that I learned about the ‘magic of writing’. Although writing was still a distant dream, whatever I wrote it enriched my inner being. And yes being an introvert added a different dimension to my ‘writings’. The medium channelized my thoughts and emotions so well that I rarely craved for the company of a listener.

What I craved for was ultimate peace. The utter chaos (we live in a joint family arrangement, yes we still do and I love every part of it), every day humdrum, noise of traffic, absence of tranquility and natural surroundings created furor inside me. For very long, I remained disoriented with my life. With due respect, one thing that I was always sure about was that I was never interested in perusing a traditional career choice- teacher, banker, marketing or sales etc.

Even though it paid peanuts, I always knew my love for books and writing will serve me well. Contrary to this, I forgot that I was born into an Indian family (generally mad about getting their children married off ASAP). Thankfully, our family pendulum swings from traditional to liberal- from time to time. More on this soon.

Since then I have come far. In fact, very far. Peaceful existence in a city like Delhi is still a dream. But I own my choices and is proud of it all.  

What I learnt till date is the immense power of being POSITIVE. The universal law of attraction holds utter importance for me - what you give out is what you will receive. For past four years, I have been witnessed to how universe plays magic and manifests our desires. The truth is it’s all in your limits; we just need to recognize our potential.

Life is after all, a beautiful living full of shocks and surprises but punctuated by HABITS.

While I make it a habit to post a blog daily now onwards; make sure you get a habit of being POSITIVE.

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