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Thursday, February 19, 2015

I am ready!

Why do I write? Or shall I say do I really write. Write as the writers do.

Well I have decided to confess a few things before I share ‘Why do I write?’

For past few months, my mind is in a contemplative mode. Shall I, what if, why so? On a bigger note!! What will happen if I let go off my full-time career as a content writer? Although I am yet to take a call on this, you see, sacrificing a well-paid is undoubtedly a tough call. I am firm that I cannot be trapped and asked to gyrate creative juices to produce white papers.

It’s enough. Enough five years. Now I’m ready. Ready to say goodbye.


                                          My soul sulks
                                             At the thought
                                                Of being trapped
                                                    Inside a cubicle

                                         Now ‘why do I write’?

I write because it is an aphrodisiac for the well-being of my soul.
I write because it lifts my spirit.
I write because my soul comes alive.
I write because it helps me appreciate life.
I write because it connects me to nature.
I write because it gives purpose to my life.
I write because it is the only thing I do best.
I write because it helps me to keep my sanity intact.
I write because it helps me understand that life is not always a bed of roses. And it’s ok.
I write because it helps me to dismiss my vanity.

There are endless reasons why a pen or a book is the best gift anyone could ever give me. Trust me I will love you more: P

Since all I want to do in this lifetime is to write, write, and write. And this is just the beginning.

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