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Saturday, February 21, 2015

putting a fullstop on procrastination

Every time I sit down to pen down my thoughts, I am unconsciously transferred to a dreamland. To the dreamland where my future belongs. Yes I can see my future. So can you.

This is one of those days when I am not aware of the topic I will be writing about. Without an iota of doubt I just love such incongruity. At times, it helps to get lost and soak in the power of unknown. It leads to the path of self-discovery. At least, I can say that for myself.

Right now I am sitting here on my desk in my office. It’s Saturday and I am dying to get out of this architectural marvel. It traps me. In fact, I like empty spaces- wide, airy, painted in neutral shades with large windows from where, the sunlight seeps in.

As a reader when you will read this blog post you may wonder why I am sharing my love for open spaces with you. Let me be honest, I am trying to draw the interest of my MUSE. Few days ago, I read-
Writer's block afflicts people who have some stable and ample source of income outside of writing. Fred Saberhagen.

Today I stand firm to testify that this is absolutely true. Along the way, I have also found that social media is the biggest distraction.

These are a few confessions from today. It will be a new day tomorrow and possibly a better one when it wouldn't involve an effort on my part to hold the pen and scribble the thoughts.


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