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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The life of my DREAMS

Of late I have come to a point of understanding that there is so much to write. My mind is brimming with activity. There are so many thoughts that I want to pen-down.
It is one such day today.

The morning began on a random note in office when a fellow colleague put up a question, “Do we really have to care for the feelings of a partner, when we go out with friends minus HIM?” or to be very precise ‘shall we hold ourselves guilty of enjoying life on our own?’

On a lighter note, I shared my opinion like this:

‘We should not make him feel as if we are available all the time. As their woman, we are just a call away. In fact, there has to be some mystery in the relationship, like it used to be when we first fell in love with each other.’

Now this is my personal opinion with no prejudice involved- even if you would like to be judgmental here and tag me as a ‘feminist’. However, let me tell you I really care for the thought/cause. : P

The conversation subsided but my mind got enough raw material to contemplate.
First thing I realised that the opinion that I shared was as a woman who loves her man but someone who deep inside knows that ‘she wants a life of her own’.

Minutes later my soul echoed, ‘I - a woman loves myself too. What about me?’

I delved deeper and found the answer, ‘women tend to give up their dreams in the name of family, kids, career, money … forsaking her identity as a person or whoever she wanted to be’.

While I was pondering over the thoughts, a summary of a wonderful piece I came across a few days ago overpowered my mind.

The write-up enumerated ‘Top five regrets of the dying’. You can read it here:

Ever since I had read it, I was sure I will try to not have any of these regrets when I will lie on my deathbed in the future. Plus with that, the random conversation with a dear friend in the morning helped me put my life in perspective and in turn gain a clear perspective over the course of my future life.

Just like it happens in Indian marriages, you get married to a whole lot of family. Leave alone the partner. Here it is difficult to ‘assert ones’ personality, choices, dreams and aspirations’.

They (society) leave no stone unturned to write you off. Remember exceptions are always there but most of the times, the reality remains the same.

I haven’t planned anything. In fact I don’t believe in planning anything now.

One thing before everything else is that I will always make sure is that ‘I will continue to stand up for my aspirations- FOREVER and ALWAYS’.

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