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Friday, March 20, 2015

things happy people do differently

We all want happiness in life but we fail to understand that happiness is a conscious choice. It depends upon us to choose to live happy lives. Once we understand that materialistic gains only offer a fleeting sense of happiness, life tends to get easy. While many believe that being optimistic is a born trait, it is essentially a learned choice.

Nobody can be forced to stay happy on constant basis; though people who always stay happy are not really an exception. They make happiness their choice. What must be their secret? Here are five things happy people do differently.

They manufacture their own happiness
Studies have shown nature has given human beings an innate gift to manufacture happiness, and happy people are well aware of this fact. Happy people tend to focus on good things in life rather than the missing ones whenever disappointment and sadness takes over their life. They do not allow minor issues to trouble them. Thus, they are in charge of their own happiness because of the way they choose to interpret their life.

They like the company of positive people
Happy people are allergic to negative vibes. They refrain from being in the company of people who deflate their mood. Happy people consciously make efforts to engage with people who have optimistic outlook towards life and forge positive friendships and relationships.

They are not jealous
Happy people do not waste their lives being jealous of others’ successes and accomplishments in life. They accept who they truly are and are purely content with their life. They don’t compare their lives to that of others and believe jealousy to be a pure waste of time and energy.

They value me-time
Happy people understand the importance of me-time and understand that it is imperative for the well-being of their soul. Happy individuals make activities like meditation a part of their lifestyle in order to reduce the level of anxiety and stress from their lives. They understand the power of silence and willingly practice it.

They know forgiveness empowers
Happy people believe in forgiving and mending differences with others in a peaceful manner. They know the damage of holding onto anger for longer period of time on the inner being and the quality of life. 

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